I apologize for not getting anything out lately. The days are getting shorter and I think it’s about time to set the clocks back. Oh boy, dark by 5:30pm.

Timberline is pretty much put to bed for the winter. We still have a few odds and ends to tie up, but nothing major. The needles have finally quit falling. There is a pretty good carpet of orange covering the ground now.

Cindy and I have been busy with fixit projects on our house. I imagine a lot of you had some catching up to do with repairs also!

Deer hunting season is almost here and to all of you venturing out in the woods to hunt that elusive trophy buck, good luck and please be safe. Don’t be falling out of any deer stands.

Hopefully in the near future we can touch base with Krissy and get our 2017 events schedule started. We will be keeping our most popular events and are looking to add some fresh new ones.

If you chose payment option #1 on your 2017 contract and you have a balance, it is due by November 15th.

If you have friends or know someone interested being a seasonal at Timberline, urge them to hurry and reserve their site. They are going fast and we may sell out this year. You will also receive a $100 referral credit towards your site!

My life has gone to the dogs lately. I’ve been training a team of sled dogs for my son and if these old bones hold together I will be racing in the 400 mile Beargrease Marathon the end of January!

Please keep Charles Cashion ( seasonal site #3 ) in your thoughts and prayers as he recovers from serious injuries as a result of an ATV accident.

Pat and our friends from the Haunted Shack are dedicating this coming Saturday to Howie Ramaley. As you know Howie was always a big part of our Halloween weekend festivities. The Haunted Shack is located just south of Duluth at the Buffalo House. The show they do at Timberline is just a small sampling of their big production they put on in the fall! There are quite a few Timberline family attending.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Vern and Cindy