Sunday, October 2nd at 4:00 pm Timberline will be closing it’s gates for the season. It has been another good season albeit the little bump in the road in July, but as usual, the Timberline family came together and helped pick up the pieces! We have an extraordinary group of campers here who take pride in their park and we are extremely grateful for that! We are pleased most of our Timberline family will  be returning next year. We will do or best to make next season our best ever! We are working on new events and new recreational plans for next season.

Cindy and I want to thank all of our wonderful staff who go above and beyond, putting on great events, taking care of the little things that matter and keeping the park in beautiful condition. We could not do this  without you! Thank you to my family up here in “Schroederville” who us help out tremendously. Thanks to all of you who volunteer your time and help out when we need you!

ALERT: Rodents (aka) mice have been on the rampage as of late. I’ve heard of numerous campers that have been invaded. What to do? First make sure every possible point of entry in your camper has been sealed. Holes for your power cord and plumbing are main areas to seal. Deterrents, such as moth balls ( not my favorite and not good for humans), dryer sheets are often used. I read that a mixture of spearmint and peppermint oils work well. You soak cotton balls in the mixture and put them in 3 or 4 cups (not plastic) and space them around your camper. The mice hate this pungent odor (to them) and will leave. Worth a try??

Sign up lists are in the office for final pump outs if needed. Office hours for October 1st and 2nd are 11:00 am to 4:00 pm.

I will be winterizing the park beginning October 3rd. There will be no water available after Sunday. You are welcome to walk back to your camper at anytime during the off season.

We will not be attending the Minneapolis show this year. However, we do plan on hosting an open house get together at Timberline sometime in March. Stay tuned for details!!

The weather looks to be nice for our final weekend, yay!!!

Vern and Cindy