Timberline-christmas santa 1edited

Well the temperature may not indicate it, but Christmas in July makes its return to Timberline!

From Activities Director Krissy; July 22nd 2:00 pm at the Rec. Hall. This is for all ages!! Work with your family or friends to build a Gingerbread House with graham crackers! We encourage you to bring your own special candy toppings and frosting (very thick frosting is the secret) to decorate with. We will also supply a few of these items so there will be extra on hand for everyone to participate. Whoville hair, Christmas colors and outfits are also encouraged. During this time we will also have the kids decorating the Christmas tree and possibly getting a visit from Santa so have your cameras ready! If weather permits we will take a hayride around the park caroling with the Clauses!

At 7:00 pm at the Rec. Hall will be Reindeer games. This is geared for adults to come and enjoy some crazy Christmas games!

Reminder: 1st Half electric payments are now due. Read or take a picture of your meter and bring it to the office.

FAQs: Why is my electric bill so high? The national average price for RV electric is between $2.00 and $3.00 a day which would put you around $60 – $90 a month. If your RV has a 2 or 3 way refrigerator the cost is about double what a residential refrigerator cost to run. Also how much do you run your air conditioners? Do you run two of them. Do you run landscaping or outdoor lights? Do you have a second refrigerator or ice maker in your shed? These all add up. If you want to cut down on usage make sure unneeded appliances and lights are turned off or on a timer. Electric meters do not spin out of control or have a mind of their own. If they are faulty they will stop working all together. Hope this helps.

We have had a stray visitor in the park for the past several weeks. It is not a Timberwolf or a coyote or a brush wolf. It is a German Shepard cross who is either lost or abandoned. He is very skittish but is not aggressive. He/she is just very hungry. Make sure you don’t leave any food or garbage laying around. We are trying to figure out a way to humanely catch him. If you see him just leave him/her be, don’t chase it.

Lets all have another great weekend. Travel Safe, see you soon!

Vern and Cindy