Hello from our winter wonderland. We got hit with a major snowstorm here up north (Grand Rapids). I’m not sure how you folks in the twins cities and metro areas fared. We ended up with about 16 inches of snow. Timberline is  also under a blanket of snow. Heavy snow clinging to the pine branches makes for a beautiful picturesque sight.

Another of our Timberline family needs to be in everyone’s thoughts and prayers. Tracy Isakson was recently diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, IBC. She has been receiving treatment and is attacking this with a very positive attitude. Please visit her Caring Bridge site for details and updates as she battles and defeats this nasty disease. We love you Tracy!!

Last I heard Charles Cashion is now at home and is working hard to heal from his terrible accident last fall. Keep it up Charles!!

Cindy and I sincerely wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. It is our hope everyone is able to spend time with their family, sit down to a great meal and enjoy each others company. We are also thankful and appreciate all of our Timberline family, who like most families at times, have disagreements, sometimes irritate one another, but in the end always pull together and help their neighbors when help is needed most! You’re the best!!

Vern and Cindy