You wouldn’t know it by the way the weather has been behaving, but it is the last weekend in May which means it is our first big weekend of the year!! We are expecting close to a full campground this weekend. The Snack bar will open for business Saturday at noon. Hours will be posted at the snack bar and will be run as needed weather dependent.

The pool, well….., Mother Nature has been stingy with warm dry days thus far. My plans for painting the deck, replacing pool tile etc. has been put on hold until it warms up. We hope to fill the pool tomorrow. Here’s the problem. The city water temperature is about 49-50 degrees. With the pool holding around 35,000 gallons of water it takes about 4 days to heat it to 80 degrees. Maybe by Sunday it will be warm enough for some of you brave souls to try. We will just have to wait and see.

Saturday evening 7:00 pm, it’s time to put on the “Pink” for cancer awareness and head to the Rec. Hall for our first dance of the year. It will be a night of memories for sure! Along with our own DJ, Carl Monn, we will have guest DJ, Tom Schoolmeester (sp?) joining the fun. I promise you these guys know how to fire up a dance crowd! Activities director Krissy Cameron will have the hall decked out with her usual artistic flair! She is going to decorate starting at noon on Saturday and as always volunteers are appreciated and welcome!

Updates; Pickle ball court construction should start within a week. Fitness Center: The rubber floor has been installed and as soon as we fill it up with gear we will be ready to roll with that! New playground by the basketball court: The new playground equipment should be shipped sometime next week.

Vendors, make sure you get your forms filled out for the July 15th Craft Show and given to Cindy Gustafson by the 31st.

When I drive around the park I can’t help but notice the pride everyone takes in their sites. I’m proud of Timberline and I want to thank all of you who make this park not only pleasing to the eye, but also a friendly and fun family environment. I can’t thank my staff enough for doing their part in keeping everything running smoothly and looking great! I’ve witnessed this Timberline community come together many times to lend help and support whenever needed! Thank you everyone!!

As we close in on this upcoming weekend, I urge everyone to travel safe and also while in the park, please, please watch your speed! There are many of our youngsters running around playing, having a great time, not watching for traffic and we as adults must watch out for their safety!!

See you soon,

Vern and Cindy

P.S. Somebody is having a birthday this weekend. (Cindy) I won’t tell you how young she is, but wish her a Happy Birthday!